Manufacturing process

One of the most fascinating transformation processes of structural steel takes place in the Metalsistem production facilities.  The result of mans tenacity and inventiveness, developed from research and the evolution of technology, the roll forming process imparts form onto bland steel coil surfaces. Metalsistem purchases galvanized or pickled structural steel coils.
Galvanisation occurs using the Sendzimir process guaranteeing elevated resistance and durability characteristics. Metalsistem acquires the cold rolled coils in standard widths.  Upon arrival in the production facilities the coils are slit into widths which will satisfy the diverse catalogue of Metalsistem products by one of the most innovative and technologically advanced slitting lines available today.
The slit coils entering production are transformed using one of the following processes:

  • roll forming
  • brake pressing

The roll forming process consists of passing a continuous ribbon of structural steel through a series of rollers which progressively plastically deform the material until the required shape is achieved.
The brake pressing process generally uses a single action to punch out the required form from a sheet of metal through the use of a press which compresses the material against a die.
Generally,  the process of roll forming is used to produce profiles which require numerous folding and forming actions in order to produce the final section.  The machinery that Metalsistem uses for this type of production are the result of meticulous research and development on the part of Metalsistems own Research and Development division (CSR).
Items of reduced dimensions such as accessories are produced by the brake press process.  Once again the Metalsistem tenacity and technical know how has enabled brake pressing techniques to be fine tuned allowing the production of highly functional accessories of intricate design and geometry.
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